Robin Foà

Patagonia | Tierra del fuego


This new photographic book is devoted to Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego. Unlike my previous books – Deserts, China 1985, Nature and Man, Andean Highlands – which were for the most part a search for aesthetic themes found in images, lines, colours, textiles, people and so on, this time the author has chosen to follow a chronological progression. In effect, this is a photographic account of two journeys into the most remote extremes of South America in order to give some idea of the multi-faceted beauty of these places.


Travel doesn’t merely broaden the mind. It makes the mind | Bruce Chatwin



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ISBN: 978-88-6261-692-8 Collana:

Robin Foà. Nato a Wallsend (Inghilterra), laureato in medicina all’Università di Torino, è Professore di Ematologia all’Università ‘Sapienza’ di Roma. Ha vissuto e lavorato a Torino, Londra, New York e Roma. Ha pubblicato Deserti/Deserts nel 2011, China 1985 nel 2012, Nature and Man - insieme a Stefano Foà - nel 2013 e Altopiano Andino/Andean Highlands nel 2014.